SKLA is a small, creative agency consisting of talented individuals and “techno geeks” dedicated to helping you make sense of our modern world of marketing and communications. 

We are not your typical agency. We generally like to turn left when everyone else is going right. Basically, we like to do things differently. We believe in a doing the right job for our client. Often that means bringing in the right staff. Our strength is our network of talented friends who don’t want an agency “job”. So, if needed, we get the right people on-board, and apply ourselves to your project. 


Today’s marketplace is ever changing. The explosion of the internet and social media has made consumers’ thirsty for information while being instantly accessible. Digital marketing integration ensures consumer participation. By participating, they are collaborating and creating content. They are also impacting the success (and failure) of products. Many advertisers repeat what has been successful over and over again. That’s why people “tune out” most forms of advertising. We make your advertising an experience! Our goal is to create a unique experience for the people who buy your product(s) and brand. 

Created in 1992, SKLA Advertising serves a variety or high profile, growth-orientated clients.  Over the years, our involvement in and exposure to many different industries and markets have given us a solid background to go beyond the normal scope of advertising. 


Sean Goulden is the driving force behind SKLA Advertising. A Graduate of Pepperdine University, he has honed his skills in a variety of industries from Entertainment to Healthcare, Start-Ups to Small Businesses. He has been instrumental on such National accounts as: Kraft Foods, Universal Pictures, HCA Healthcare, Cartoon Network & Luxottica Eyewear. His mark can been seen on such industries as; Real Estate & Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance Services, Credit Unions & Charities, Entertainment and many more.