is the Coding Accuracy Support System of the USPS.  It ensures the accuracy of zip codes and delivery point barcodes (DPV) that appear on your mail pieces.  ALL of our mailing are processes for CASS & DPV Certification.  


is the National Change of Address Database.  When a postal customer files for a permanent change of address, the new address is added to the NCOA database.  ALL of our mailings are processed with the NCOA and all necessary addresses are updated to ensure your intended piece get to the correct address. 


Intelligent Mail Barcodes appear on every mail piece.  This smart barcode includes tracking information and delivery point verification.  ALL of our mailing include IM Barcodes. 


is a service offered by the USPS to help business market themselves to their local community.  It is not necessary to have a name and address.  Every stop on the mail carriers route, receives a mailer.  This is a good program if you are targeting a specific neighborhood or geographic.  EDDM does have some limitations and may not always be the best choice for your marketing needs.  Contact us to see of an EDDM campaign is right for you. 


You must have 4x 2.5 (minimum) of blank space at the bottom right corner for addressing and barcode.  


G7 COLOR PROFILE: both our Los Angeles and Orange County facilities use G7 Color Management Software.  This software ensures the color balance and tonality of your printed piece and maintains the same look regardless of which facility handles the printing.